10 June 2010

Tony Pro Workshop Part 3 and final.

After some more thought I decided to add a few notes about what I got from Tony's workshop.By adding some artwork that relates to it. First, I attach here a picture of Teale holding an artichoke. I did this one week before the workshop. You can see the harsh edges in the wrong places and the overall "hacking" at it. It is very apparent on the nose and the shaded side of the face.

Next, is the portrait of the model we used at Tony's workshop. The method I used here is a lot more "thought out". First I applied the overall simplified blocks of color, then the secondary details, most detail was actually added at the very end. You can see how the portrait becomes a lot softer and how it resists distance watching a lot better. Progress is evident from the example above. You can barely see also one classic "trick" , the adding of a thing fringe of color to the illuminated side of the face, to avoid a very sharp delineation a and create a sort of "glow".

I add here the other two paintings we did during the workshop. One is a landscape where Tony had some input but an area where you can tell I am more confident. The other, the blocking of Tony's wife posing in the park, no details. The dirt on the canvas was the result of the hefty winds.

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