24 March 2008


I am not all that comfortable in multitudinous family gatherings but they are a great chance to paint if you want to make good use of your time. Relatives are usually at ease even if somewhat fidgety and highly opinionated. (All 300 of them DEMAND to be in squeezed in the painting and complain bitterly if the composition doesn't allow for it. "What do you mean adding little Christopher in the painting will ruin the piece?" "How come I am *never* included?" etc...) During our annual Easter picnic I painted these two oil "sketches" which turned out quite charming.

17 March 2008

Sarah, the shy model

Our watercolor workshop at work is going well. We did two days with a live model and it was quite eye-opening. I encouraged the participants to create a bight wash first leaving some areas untouched for the lighter spots. Then, while the paper was still wet, sling some complementary color to create that pearly effect only watercolor can achieve. After some drying, start creating the soft and hard edges . Sounds easy but it is not . It mostly demands some self-control. Our model the second day didn't have much experience which made for some timid but endearing poses.