14 November 2011

Jose Vera Gallery Opening. "City to a fault. Los Angeles and Environs"

Alex, me and Will Wray

Finally the day arrived fro the opening of "City to a Fault. Los Angeles painters" at Jose Vera Gallery in Eagle Rock, California. The artists involved were Oscar Arroyo, Jose De Juan, John Kilduff, Alex Schaefer and William Wray. The show was very well attended and the artwork was amazing. Alex brought one of his latest "burning bank" creations and so did I. Except mine was in the form of a cake with one of Alex's now famous banks printed of top. After all, our boy was turning 42 that very day and we wanted to surprise him. (see pic below). 
Alex conversing with Aaron Westerberg

Alex was displaying some large format plein air views of downtown L.A. His pieces showcased his usual talent to create very dimensional images with a great economy of brush strokes and little messing around. Placed alongside William Wray's loose masterpieces in bold colors and brushwork,  you had two radically different visions down a similar path. John Killduff's matter-rich urban landscapes were full of grit and gesture as well. Oscar's pieces were more contained and premeditated but he wasn't shy about subject matter or design either and given his youth, it can only get better from here.

Alex with a burnin' cake.
 All five artists attracted a fun crowd. Even Sean Cheetham and Aaron Westerberg among other famous and less famous artists stopped for a peek which was the best validation one could hope for besides a sold out show.

Sean Cheetham in front of one of Will Wray's pieces.