28 January 2011

Holmby Mansion commission

My friend Cristina Capitanio of Sorelle Fine Arts is a wonderful muralist and decorator. She works with her sister and they are used to high-end work in imposing mansions and homes. I got this commission through her kind recommendation since the client didn't need strictly a fresco or a wall painting but a panel. Meant to cover some unsightly electric boxes in the main living areas, these panels were of "free" subject matter as the clients were a bit vague on what they wanted. The panels are not contiguous.

I chose "California Gold" as my open-ended theme and went to work. For the cliffs, I obtained permission to use a photo from someone that had posted in on Flickr. I added a few details like seagulls, clouds and the like. The second scene is from a picture I took in Sweetzer Falls during last spring. I added the autumnal colors and ... a mule deer. Alas, the deer was universally disliked by all, including the client. So shoo deer! disappear! Spooked by the general consensus I painted her over. Size is 30"x24" and it's oil on canvas.