29 March 2009

New notebook. yay!

Two sketches from an unusual spot in Pasadena. Memorial park I think it's called. The Park has a definite East Coast penchant but what attracted me there initially were the blooming trees. They are spectacular. You can see a small one in one of these watercolors. This is one of those rare occasions where I miss the masking fluid. It would work so well with the bloomig trees and little specks of light in the counter-light.


Exciting and artificial colors abound, shapes are never sedate, everything scintillates with people and movement. We are in Chinatown. Here are two of three studies I made from the same angle in three consecutive weekends(one sold) and under different weather conditions.

15 March 2009

Firs Los Angeles Notebook

Here are some pics that final my first watercolor L.A. Notebook. The first one is of the Rose Bowl and there is not much more to say. I exercise around there so it was a question of time before I found some merit on this very ungraceful building. The time to paint os late afternoon and if the neon lights up when the sky gets dark, it can be very ineteresting. The second one is of the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies in Cal Poly Pomona - that's a mouthful- an interesting place where they have all kinds of agricultural experiments. What was I doing there?