29 March 2009

New notebook. yay!

Two sketches from an unusual spot in Pasadena. Memorial park I think it's called. The Park has a definite East Coast penchant but what attracted me there initially were the blooming trees. They are spectacular. You can see a small one in one of these watercolors. This is one of those rare occasions where I miss the masking fluid. It would work so well with the bloomig trees and little specks of light in the counter-light.


PasaelMocho said...

Hello Jose!
Despu├ęs de lustros sin estar en contacto... I found you en la red!



Nice paintings!!!

Jose L De Juan said...

Enrique Operatico poliaplopetico!
Como te va la vida. Librate de los VHS
de una vez. Y escribe mijo! No de jes de visitar mi pagina web www.josedejuan.com or escribe al trabajo jjuan@rhythm.com