08 December 2008

Whittier Narrows

The California Art Club had a paint-out in Whittier Narrows. I was curious about the location so I decided to go. It is a riparian environment with lots of lagoons (if it ever rains). Because there was not much water, I abandoned the main group and walked down to the San Gabriel river.
I painted this while situated in the middle of a dam. The water rose quite a bit in the evening and covered the path I had come by. May be that is what the docent that conducts tours for groups around the Nature Center was gesturing about when she kept staring at me for about 30 minutes. And I thought she was upset because I was disturbing the birds (I wasn't , I swear. If anything, I was disturbing an eclectic group of individuals that inhabit these banks) . It was quite a walk back to the car.