01 July 2013

Business Plans (2)

As predicted, the heat is on and I am stuck in Pasadena trying to work. I talked about coming up with a business plan in my last posting. It's taking a bit longer than I expected. But with extra time some things are getting done. I finally finished this little painting "The truck Wash". I had a feeling I would like it and I do. I might make a larger piece based on it.
"The truck wash" 8"x10"
I also mentioned I was going to visit Eric Merrell's studio since he offered very kindly to show me how he build his frames. We took a whole lot of time from his day but I came out with some good information that I intend to put to good use as soon as possible. Eric is awesome.

Eric demonstrates gold leafing.

Eric goes to buy moulding.
My commission for Tri Delta in UCLA is going well. I created about 10 small studies and the client seems very happy. She will be choosing the pieces she wants in a larger scale. I went to UCLA fro 6 Sundays in a row trying to find the most emblematic views without falling for one discipline or area of study in particular, so no Music building, no Law or Medicine, just general views.

One of my UCLA studies. 8"x10"

Sculpture Garden Study. UCLA 8"x10'

In order to create a good business plan, I spent $50 and took a class at the Small Business Development Center (Pacific Coast Regional, SBDC)  in Los Angeles. This is a very convenient tax-supported one-stop center that will help small businesses get started. I certainly do not fit the typical profile of the guy or gal that wants to open a Salvadorean restaurant, market a new kind of diaper or open a beauty salon but I thought I could benefit from putting some numbers down.

 I had some success (albeit no awards) at Plein Air San Clemente. This is an expensive event since it doesn't provide for housing and sales are pretty dismal always but I decided to have a booth of sorts for one day and got a possible large commission from that.

"Pier Radiance" 9"x12" Painted and sold  in San Clemente

And I did a few demonstration/class session at Westridge school for girls in Pasadena. I really enjoy teaching even though the girls went from interested to talking about TV shows to interested again. I actually just painted a portrait of one f them because it was too hot to go outside.

But back to the Business Plan. Here is my Executive Summary:

Jose De Juan Fine Art is a business that will aim to enhance people's lives with unique, original artwork and art-making activities. Jose is a full-time artist and painter dedicated to provide his clients with artwork that relates to their life experience and aspiration of beauty as part of their surroundings. He produces traditional oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings depicting landscapes, portraits and scenes people can relate to and keep as reminders of a more meaningful sense of self and community. Jose is committed to provide his clients with quality artworks made to last whether on commission, through galleries or sold from available inventory. As part of the same guiding principle of life enhancement, Jose L De Juan Fine art will strive to provide individuals and groups with instruction and ideas that enable them to further their own art making effort and success in achieving a  life of beauty.

And my Mission Statement:

To provide people with ways to recognize, capture and materialize the beauty of their lives.