21 June 2010

San Clemente Plein Air

Last Saturday I made an effort and drove an hour to San Clemente to participate in the Quickdraw which is the kick-off event to the Plein Air San Clemente. I wasn't familiar with this event at all. Moreover, I can't really be part of the event because I have to work all week. But I was very glad I visited the town . It is very nice indeed. I also met up with some fabulous artists and friends like Michael Alten, Laura Wambgans, Catherine Hill, Al Tofanelli, Paul Strahm, etc...

For my Quickdraw I chose a garage sale scene going on in a street behind the gallery. It turned out pretty nice and I ended up winning Fourth Place and 100 bucks. The awards were juicy and well deserved and the artists roster was impressive. The awards are even juicier for the main event next Saturday so I am a tad bummed that I won't be painting that much. I did the required two paintings on Sunday though.

On a side note. I also secured a honorable mention in the main event and met some very talented artists. Tim Tien got the first price for a very nice painting indeed.

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