15 June 2010

Some amazing portraits at the Huntington.

McEntee's symphony greys harmony conveys his mood after loosing his wife. The landscape as portrait.

Clearly a Vermeer inspired interior. A bit contrived but that light...

Formal and elegant . Love the risk of the brim shade.

I can totally see this woman just barge in a room. German painter active in England. Notice the "bottleneck" shoulders so typical of the period portraiture. Probably didn't have money to add hands.

Sargent. Just plain incredible.

Mr Watts. by Raeburn I think. Again, the light. And the uneasy stuffiness of this character who practically launched the industrial revolution.

They speak for themselves. However, I found it strange that anybody would collect portraits of families not their own. I guess Mr. Huntington was trying to import England wholesale. These are not just nice pictures of anonymous subjects as "figures" but people with clear genealogical roots, names and families. Then again, they are beautiful on their own and some of them were latter acquisitions.

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