26 February 2008

We won an Academy Award!

We at Rhythm and Hues won a very deserved Academy Award, an Oscar, for best Visual Effects in the movie "The Golden Compass". I thought "Transformers" had it in the bag but no peanuts. Here I am holding the Oscar with Bill Westenhoffer , the visual effects supervisor. Not only is he disarmingly nice and humble but he has talents that most people only dream of *both* in the technical aspects of visual effects and in their artistic flair. He has an "eye" most painters would envy.

Since this blog is about art, let me just explain that I consider Bill and many other people that toil in the visual effects field true fully realized artists. Not only do they make stunning imagery but they make it in movement. Like Leonardo and Michelangelo, they harness the power of cutting edge science to create images that truly define our culture. Millions see the pictures put forth by these people and millions are awed. Not many artists can claim that .

Most people that have worked or work in computer graphics and animation or any collaborative work really, me included, have little patience for the snobs , divas and egos that sometimes creep into the art world precisely because we have been in touch with people that humbled us with their knowledge and talent. I find again and again that the most talented individuals are usually those who don't need to "stand out" or put on airs.

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judemasti said...

As always.. perfectly put! And may I add... you, my friend, are also one of the one's who humble me and make me feel very lucky to be in the presence of greatness. Lovely post :)