10 February 2008

Back to watercolor

I've heard form some people now. My watercolors have "a warmth". So I am picking where I left and re-inaugurating a new watercolor year. I had a consultation with an artist rep: Mrs Margaret Danielak, she had many good marketing and promotion suggestions and watercolor came up again. May be as a way of becoming more distinct among a landscape of urban plein-air virtuosos. Her father was a very accomplished artists in this medium so that makes Mrs Danielak a little partial. But who couldn't be partial to such a wonderful means of expression. Plus I am teaching a watercolor class in two weeks so I better get good in a hurry. I did this little piece in less than 30 minutes.

1 comment:

Jennifer McChristian said...

Have a great class next week!
I am most definite your students will benefit greatly. This one's a beauty!