10 February 2008

Armando Ortiz fast asleep

So many times we underestimate the importance of a supportive spouse or significant other. They can make us or break us with a single word. Armando is a very loving and a very difficult person at the same time. He is overwhelmed with passion and impatience for life. I love him to pieces while he drives me to thumping exasperation. He can be sweet and earthy but also launch tantrums of irrational despair. He call ist "sponatenous". I am so afraid of "spontaneity" lately.

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jetsonjoe said...

Love can be difficult...as our personalities heave and ho...you offer a beautiful part of yourself on this blog...thanks for that...oh and congradulations on your work and success of the Compass movie...wonderful and amazing...Saw some preliminaries to the creation..simply stunning...
Oh....a little shy....my oh my....you are one handsome man ...beautiful.
James , Ottawa, Canada