07 April 2008

Winestyles Show

Our Winestyles show was a success. I admit I had my doubts because it was so hard to coordinate all eight artists but Kathy Bergstrom, the owner of the wine shop was so accommodating and gracious that everything went like a dream. The opening was comfortably crowded and very well catered. That said, the experience won't be repeated any time soon. I am very happy that I put this together.

I was so focused on the gallery part of the event (hanging, preparing bios and labels) that I neglected the "vision" part. The Mt. Washingto Plein-Air painters are a diverse group and it is good that the show reflected that but in this case we had both too-diverging and too-merging trends. Paintings that looked out of place and paintings that seemed repetitive. A show needs to have a clear theme, even if it showcases several artists. This show almost did.

But the bottom line was that it was a blast and I sold two pieces. John Byram also sold his two pieces which were splendid.

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