07 April 2008

Mass production

It seems that the movie I am working on now, the "Mummy 3" is winding down (finally!). That is a good thing as I am preparing for my trip to Arizona to take a class with Sherrie McGraw and Clayton Beck. I already bought the outrageously expensive materials (Vasari oil paints, oil primed linen canvas) and I need to get ready to make good use of them. I understand that good materials are essential but I wonder if there is a point of "diminishing returns" where quality just meets the limitations of talent. We'll find out.

In the meantime. I keep attending Joe Hilton's and Tom of Finland workshops to practice. Armando says I 'mass produce' and he is unto something. Cranking out an oil every 45 minutes is ridiculous. At the same time, that's how long the models pose. I am so desperate to produce "paintings". I should just do some nice drawings or even simple watercolors. In any case, I am thinking about some larger, more careful pieces....

Here is a torso...in under 45 mins. Mass produced or the result of despair?

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