08 October 2007

San Luis Obispo was fantastic.

I will try to condense my S.L.O. experience in three or four posts because there was so much to love during the plein-air week I haven't slept for the last two nights just reminiscing.
First: The landscape is painters' heaven: majestic barns, statuesque cows, glowing vineyards, solemn eucalyptus, plunging cliffs, derelict tractors and mystic marshes... heaven. Second: The event organizers were simply the best and they worked so hard at making it all run smoothly I can't still fathom how they did it. Third: The other painters were in*credible. They managed to complete at least 6 paintings in 4 days with stunning results in quality and sales. I am so humbled by the experience and so pumped. Fourth: The sales were awesome ...but enought about that. And finally, a special word of thanks goes to my immensely gracious hostess Mary Cardoza. She has a zest and a sparkle and a compassion most twenty-somethings would and should envy.
A word a gratitude here for Wendy at the Art Center for her generosity and to Kevin Mc Gavin from "Just Looking" gallery for his interest and for saving my framing skills in a pinch.

Love, Jose

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