09 October 2007

The lesson of nature

The main breakthrough while I was in San Luis Obispo was the fact that I understood that the nature outside is not the only important subject in a painting. Most painters understand color and composition but the really good ones understand that the painting is a natural ecosystem in itself. Color and matter and texture help us recreate the natural world outside by acting as themselves, not being forced and overworked. Watercolor needs to flow like watercolor and oil needs to behave like oil. pounding the materials only makes them dull and lifeless.

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David Lobenberg said...

You are absolutely correct. I'm a looong time h2o artist, and I think to a certain extent, my watercolor paintings paint themselves! I'm now learning acrylic; both studio and en plein air. Your grand mother is right- we are jumping from lily pad to lily pad. It's the jumping that's fun!