08 April 2013

"Ou Shared Light" The Exhibition.

What makes an exhibition great is rarely the artwork no matter how fabulous it is. What makes an exhibition great is the people that show up, the ones that want to show up but can't, the ones that wish they could, forgot, don't want to, etc.... because an art show is about dialogue. Not the academic kind or strictly a dialogue about art but the mixing and matching of people sharing impressions, eating cheese and bumping into each other.

Guess what, the title of the show was meant to mean exactly that.

Thank you to the auspices and trust of Laura Segil, a long held dream of mine, may be the only dream that really mattered to me, has come to pass.  From the dialogue point of view, the show was  a TOTAL unmitigated success. I also sold nine paintings which is awesome in itself and great validation considering the economy. And it is even better now that I got laid off from my job of the last ten years (yep, the day before the show, terrifying and weird at the same time).

I want to thank EVERYONE that even took a look at the artwork and specially those who made the trek to Monrovia the same day Glenn Dean was having his opening in the other side of town. I am deeply honored.

I chose 40 paintings that more or less reflect my intention of showcasing the beauty of everyday, with its highlights and its focus on human interaction (and some chickens too). A few landscapes but mostly people in context, working, walking and milling around. People commented on the variety of subject matter. Possibly that comes from the many starts and stops that working on this show involved while keeping a full time job. It is up till May 4th, some paintings are already gone, you can still make it ;)


Rochelle Cathey said...

Although, I hardly know you, I can't help but notice what a wonderful crowd of people you have gathered for this lovely event and I must say I am most happy for you.

Rochelle Cathey said...

I am happy for you...to see the nice group that came to your exhibition and I hope it was a success.

Judy P. said...

Your show looks beautiful- congrats from Minnesota!

Marian Fortunati said...

I'm sorry I was unable to attend the reception. So many of my friends told me that it was FABULOUS!!!
And yes... selling so well in this economy is out of this world... but your work is always wonderful and people just want to own it.

Congrats. Well deserved success! I hope to make it out to Monrovia to see it before the show closes.