01 March 2013

A book to go with it.

In anticipation of my solo show I decided to squeeze some time to make a small book showing a bit of everything I've been up to in the last two years. I am happy with it even if I might modify it a bit now that I have it in my hands.

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Johan Derycke said...

Hi Jose,

it's a beautiful book!

Because it seems that you haven't decided this book as final yet, so there is still a possibility to change things (or not?) I would like to suggest some change concerning the back cover. The text is a bit hard to read to be honest. Also, while the introduction text is clearly aimed at a broader public, the advise on the back cover seems to be aimed particularly at painters. I'd suggest considering a text that is more aimed at collectors, rather than painters.

Of course this is merely a suggestion so I hope you are not offended by my thoughts. I just felt I had to tell you now that you still have the option to make changes. The book is a beauty as it is now, so even if you don't change anything, it will be a wonderful addition to the experience of your show's visitors.
Best of luck!

Jose De Juan said...

Thank you Johan. Points well taken. The advice on the back side of the book is directed to painters like you say. It was supposed to be a more graphic element , difficult to read because it was meant a a bit of a puzzle. I also think collectors sometimes like to read about process. But may be you are correct in assuming they'd rather just get a clear image and not bother.
I will revisit the book soon and try to mend some things based on the comments I've gotten.

Jose De Juan said...

I've modified the book to reflect the comments above. So the new book comes without the advice to painters in the back. You can still find the old book in the same Blurb page.