27 June 2012

Joshua Been's book

Painter Joshua been, who I had the pleasure of meeting in San Luis Obispo (CA) and Telluride (CO) a couple of times has written a small but condensed book about Painting, mostly about painting in plein air. Joshua is a very talented painter and I did receive my copy of his book yesterday. I am grateful Joshua wrote this little book and think I might use it as a primer if I ever , or rather, when I teach a workshop again. I think it was generous of him because  Joshua really tried to condense most of his experience and techniques in a way that was accessible and detailed.

"Vertical Country" 48"x 60" oil on canvas
I do not obtain any benefit whatsoever from advertising Been's book but I think people might find it answers quite a few questions regarding painting and at the very least it reveals the methods of working artist.

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