05 July 2011

Telluride. Part 2

Me and "Trout Lake"

 I am safely back from Telluride and in Pasadena after a grueling 15 hour drive. Probably traveling there was the hardest part.  But with  an award from Southwest Magazine for my "Trout Lake" painting I couldn't be happier about the experience. This event is not for the faint-hearted. Being my first time, I had a lot to learn. The weather and altitude require some adjustments. The buying public also has a very particular composition . A sturdy car might be less necessary than I thought initially since there is so much to paint everywhere but a 4x4 will get you closer to lakes and trails unreachable otherwise. 

These are some pictures of my booth and others during our first day of sales. I painted during the festival itself and was able to sell my on-site pieces both times. I wasn't as successful with the other sales. I think I know the reasons and I've moved on. I wasn't the only one with dismal sales, it takes a while to acquire some recognition. We also got a rain pattern that hindered a big chunk of first day sales.

The 4th of July event takes a break during the 4th Of July Parade.

Rain can be a daily disruptive occurrence.


Todd Camplin said...

Art fairs are so much fun. The putting up and taking down, not so much.

AR Delgado said...

It was great meeting you at this event. Your painting style is so juicy, absolutely worthy of the Southwest Art Award. Damien and I hope to see you again at another plein air event, perhaps in California next time.