21 February 2011

Extreme painting (so to speak).

It seems lately I've had to paint in some unusual conditions. Yes, I could have stayed home and paint in the studio but I just love love love winter here in Los Angeles. It is the only season that really matters because you can feel human. Summer months are so damn long and hot one can barely muster any energy or mood to paint. Plus it's all so brown and scorched anyway.

So besides going to Santa Cruz a few weeks ago I've been escaping to paint here in Pasadena despite some inclemency in the weather. I found this swarms of blooming soulangea magnolias ("tea cup" some call them) close to the city center and just had to paint them....even if it was raining heavily, even if it was a bit chilly. The painting below was painted under the sole protection of a tree branch. It was pouring so it was a bit hurried . It was finally interrupted when lighting and thunder began to rumble. But I like how I captured the mood, the fallen petals, the wet pathway...it is a 6"x6" piece.
I went back the next day because it was sunny but the clouds rolled in again. So I had to change course midway and change my color scheme. Then, it go so cold I ran home where I settled on a watercolor of Hollywood based on some pictures I had taken.

Whenever I can I try to take pictures when it rains, weather makes everything interesting.

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