25 November 2010

Arroyo Arts Collective Artwalk 2010

Bellow, "Shakespeare Bridge" 9"x12". A lot of folks had stories about discovering, living or experiencing an aspect of this Silverlake landmark. I usually paint things that interest me formally, color or design-wise. But most people really find an emotional connection with the "content" of the painting , there is no fighting that.

I think this is the sixth year I participate in the Arroyo Arts Collective Artwalk in Highland Park. Eight painters from the Mt Washington group were exhibiting at the Ziegler Estate house. We were a popular stop in the tour and made some sales. Here are some (not too good) pictures of my artwork and the event in general. Above, "Fair Oaks Cafe, Pasadena", an 11"x14" piece.

A crowd pleaser above: "Mt. Angelus ".

Below, "The Silver Platter" a dive bar in Korea Town with the Bullocks,Macys tower in the background (Today Southwest School of Law).

Bellow Chris Zambon's lovely set-up in the lobby of the Ziegler's house.

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Marian Fortunati said...

Glad you had a successful Artwalk... Lovely pieces!