13 July 2010

Calvin Liang's workshop Day 2.

Oh look! Our dehydrated and roguish group!

Day 2 of Calvin Liang's workshop took place in Crystal Cove State Park. Calvin set up for a morning view of the cliffs below: Calvin used his "cover the canvas" approach again but he was a lot more detailed than during day one. He traced his usual charcoal design. He carefuly laid the pigment being quite accurate in his color and shape choices. He didn't leave so much detail for the end as in his first piece. Again, he started with the darkest darks, the fence climbing up the left in this case.
But for me it was all about the edges. One thing I noticed is how cleanly Calvin applies the painting and chisels his edges. He was deliberate and very careful. One would expect a slow process and yet, his painting was done in no time, no messing around, no mistakes.

Some quotes from Calvin (in my own words): 1) When you apply a color, do not look at the area you are painting, rather look at any other area. You are constantly comparing and looking for how color compares, not what color it is.
2) It is good to cover the detail in a sort of clockwise move, going from one area to the next and then coming back, it's difficult to make decisions without knowing what's around the corner.
3) Top of the sky is cooler. Bottom is warmer. But we knew this , righ?4) Again, form, color (and color temperature), tone and EDGES. Here is a slightly more colorful puddle. This is -all_ the color Calvin used in his 1 hr, 30 mins painting which is shown at the bottom.


Marian Fortunati said...

I love Calvin's work!!! I'll bet you are learning a lot... but then your work is already so great!!

Have a wonderful time!

Chris said...

Thanks again. I never thought about it, but was it his plan to cut the panel to size later?

Jose L De Juan said...

@ Marian: Thanks Marian. His workshop was worth the commute.

@ Chris: Yes, he wanted a more horizontal composition so he planned on cutting the board on the pencil lines.