17 May 2010

Back on the saddle

After my trip to Spain and my move to an apartment and what not, I've decided to regroup. I have started scheduling the rest of the year ( a dangerous task fraught with self-deception) and apply some of the lessons of past seasons. I signed up for Tony Pro's "Understanding the color of light workshop" of which I will post my impressions. I also intent to do larger pieces and delve a bit more into watercolor. Not to mention updating my marketing materials. Phew, I am tired already. One step at a time. I went out and forgot about it all painting this slightly overworked "Shakespeare Bridge" in Silverlake.


Leslie Saeta said...

Good for you Jose! Sounds like you are on a great path. I am thrilled you are painting larger pieces. But watercolors? I love your oils! Is there anything you can't do? I doubt it!

alex schaefer said...

nice one! I drove over the Shakespeare Bridge yesterday and thought to paint it. how cool!