13 July 2009

San Fernando Valley (III)

Painted in the San Fernando Mission. One of the most (surprisingly) well kept mission buildings I've seen. It was a really hot day but the painting turned out well despite the fact that most interesting light occurs in the evening and early hours of the day in my opinion. I was there at about noon.

Later on, I moved to Pasadena where I tried a quick sketch overlooking the Rose Bowl . After all, I need a painting for the Pasadena Art Walk in October. ....and quite by chance I met Elaine Adams from the California Art Club ! Just as I was talking about the California Art Club to a couple that stopped by. Now what are the chances? The couple commented on the view. They might even might commission a large piece of the San Gabriel mountains. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Another couple had a picnic overlooking the area as well.

I need to get to those mountains.

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Marian Fortunati said...

Opportunities abound...

Good luck to you, Jose!!