03 November 2008

San Gabriel Mission

In what it looks like the most extended summer I've ever seen (It's November and it's still hot) I decided to paint the San Gabriel Mission from the gardens as my submission for the San Gabriel Plein Air 2008 extravaganza of the San Gabriel Fine Arts Association . My intention was to travel around the city and avoid the mission since usually shun the typical and like a few challenges. But once in there, the place is so peaceful and romantic that it just felt like a crime not to enjoy for it a bit so there, I stayed, what can I say, there'll be plenty of time for soot and grime. Plus they allowed artists in for free and i was not about to miss that. A big thanks to the amazing organizers Alfred Tse and Alice Lee and all the others whose name i can't retain and that work so hard to get a little bit of the arts in this town.


alex schaefer said...

Hi Juan, it's alex. Great to meet you too! Your painting is beautiful, please do link to me and I'll do the same!

Marian Fortunati said...

Hi Jose..
I saw your San Gabriel Mission painting when I went to drop off for this event. We painted similar scenes... Your was MUCH better!! Gorgeous.

I also had a painting at SoPas but missed meeting you. I think mine sold to the treasurer. Pretty exciting isn't it????

I look forward to meeting you one day.

Marian Fortunati said...

Congratulations, Jose!!!

Your AWARD is well deserved!!! It is a gorgeous painting! Was yours one of the paintings that sold on the San Gabriel reception night as well???