10 August 2008

Americana at Glendale event

Today I participated in an event at which I did a not-s0-great painting but at which I learnt a great deal about how to select your subject. I hurriedly arrived and set up at the Americana mall in Glendale; in the most "picturesque " spot of course. Wrong!. The sun was moving fast an very soon all was drenched in light and the whole scene had (too much) detail and complexity. I took it in stride but wished I had looked a little longer. Some guy did the same golden statue against a background of buildings in shadow, a much much better decision, it made the statue really stand out....

I am not sure any of the participants did a painting you could sell to someone that doesn't know about this mall. Who would buy a painting of a mall, no matter how fancy? However, there were other more intimate subjects, a girl with a japanese parasol sitting in the grass, a gazebo full of morning coffee drinkers....All of those subjects were much more universal than the dramatic (and a little tacky) golden statue.

I think part o the pressure was due to the "event" nature of the morning: just one shot, paint what is important, do not get distracted, paint something that explains where you are. All that and a bag of chips will get you nowhere.

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Donna Segal said...

Hi Jose, I found your blog via the link you sent out about your exhibition in Pasadena (I'm a comper at R+H) I really admire your paintings and its so inspiring to see someone doing so much of their own work. Thanks for sharing.