07 May 2008

The moroccan boy

From the fifteen or so studies I did in Scottsdale (and I did swipe quite a few) , for some reason this is my favorite. I did it in Clayton's class . I always pick a "launching" piece when I think I have achieved something different or new . I do not sell that. It serves as a turning point of sorts, a stage below which I am not allowed to slip. There are a couple of other pieces that are also interesting and new to me but I chose this one for the strength of the statement, the lack of detailed distractions and the amount of departure from previous "ways" of mine.


Marcos Gp said...


Thanks for stopping by and for your comment

Your landscapes are great, you've really mastered the light in your paintings...

Always nice to see more Spaniards in L.A

Maybe we should stay in touch


Jennifer McChristian said...

Great workshop posts. Looks and sounds like you had an enriching and
educational experience.
Love the 'moroccan boy'.....
sumptuous color and lively brush strokes.
Don't be a stranger. Come by and visit sometime eh!