25 December 2007

The end of the year

The year is almost over. Time to tie projects up and declare the unfinished ones finished. The weather right now is spectacular so I hope to still fit a few more plein-air pieces. I've learnt about chalky painting surfaces , Gamblin grey and transparent colors (thanks Jennifer), portable easels, composition and value matching. I am extremely grateful for the lessons learned, and not only the painting ones. I am very grateful for the new friendships and the fact that I still see the glow of hope in life. I have invested a lot of my self-worth in my art and it is time to spread the wealth and paint more but invest less. Not everything has been easy for sure. I still need to deal with my tiny and cold studio, but we will get there.
For now, I just want to feat my eyes in the water of recent rain and the beautiful freeways that fly like cathedrals over the last flaming plantains.

1 comment:

Jennifer McChristian said...


Wishing you a be fruitful and rewarding 2008!
You're already off to a good start with this little gem of a painting which encapsulates the fleeting, colorful foliage of an LA winter.
(Great draftsmanship as well!)

Cheers my friend!